Colors is a salon that was born from our feelings of wanting to customize a style / color uniquely for you.

Everyone has different lifestyles, ways of thinking, appearance, personality and their own unique charm. We will draw out all of that and propose the style that would bring out the best in them. At Colors there is stylists creating shapes, colorists creating unique colors and they will be there to guide you on getting the most ideal hairstyle.

The stylist will carefully create a style looking at your hair quality, hair volume and habits.
The colorist will customize a color that matches you by looking at the eye color, skin tone, hair history / material of hair.


Why is there a specialist in charge?
A specialist with the knowledge and experience would be able to propose a more complete hairstyle that brings out the best in you. They have more experience and knowledge than a regular hairstylist and are experts in their field of work. They would be able to propose a larger variety of hairstyles that suits you best.
Let's find a hairstyle and hair color that suits you best which you have never knew before.