Ask A Stylist: Neglecting Your Hair Health Can Be More Expensive Than Being Frugal

Oh my – what in the world are people thinking!

It is no secret that Asians, particularly Singaporeans, like their food, phone, products and services cheap. From food and groceries, technology and telecommunications to beauty services, everyone is looking for cheap deals and bargains – so they can save for the rainy days.

But when it comes to hair health, being a penny pincher can be more painful than helpful to one’s wallet. Maintaining healthy, strong hair is tough, particularly when you are not equipped with a roadmap on where and how to start. And if you are someone who believes in stinging on quality hair treatments and products like anti-frizz shampoos, conditioners and a monthly visit to the hair salon just to save money, well, curious reader, think again! Like extravagance, frugality is equally destructive at the opposite end.

Says Colors Hair Singapore Senior Stylist, Issey Isaiah: “One of the most common ways Singaporeans stinge on hair treatments is by completely not using one. At all. Many do not recognise the importance of applying hair mask at least once a week to protect hair from harsh weather conditions. It was only after we explained to them did they realise the importance of post-salon care, particularly after undergoing a chemical service.”

So smooth, so silky! What is there to not love about Colors Hair Singapore's Milbon Shampoos, Conditioners and treatments?

Here are some extreme yet common ways how stinging on essential hair products and or treatments can cost you more savings in the long run, according to Issey Isaiah. The drum rolls…

· Cutting down on visits to the salon

Split ends are a common problem that requires a simple trim at the hair salon. But if not addressed, may make hair appear dry, dull and tangled, or worse, damaged. In rare and extreme cases, the hair is severely damaged that taking off more than five inches of length and completely re-styling the look is the only option. Ouch!

Suffice to say, Issey has had his fair share of customers who, since the end of Phases One and Two, come to him sporadically with split-end woes – and it is not a pretty sight. He stresses that maintaining a regular appointment with your hairstylist is twice more important. “Singapore is a hot and humid country; hair tends to suffer the most from being exposed to humidity and this results in unsightly, damaging split ends.”

Furthermore, daily styling and exposure to constant environmental stressors can take a toll on one’s hair. Fortunately, the right mix of products and prevention can ensure both ladies and gentlemen that hair looks gorgeous and luscious – all year round. And regular visits to the hair salon is a necessity. Colors Hair Singapore’s Global Milbon Hair Spa, SGD 220 (above bust) / SGD 240 (below bust), is an intensive treatment that is designed to repair damaged hair and tames frizz.

· Using dishwashing liquid as a replacement for shampoo

Here is an extreme method some individuals resort to when trying their best to strip grease and or grime off their tresses. And while hilarious, washing one’s hair with dishwashing liquid is a definite no-no.

In fact, dishwashing liquids like Glo, Yuri, UIC, ZIP and Mama Lemon contain surfactants that while are excellent for cleaning, will cause one’s hair to completely loose its lustre and shine, making it dry, dull, coarse and frizzy. Unless your objective is to cosplay scarecrow at your company’s annual Dinner & Dance, substituting dishwashing liquid for shampoo is not a good idea. Reversing the damage caused by daily washing with dishwashing liquid will cost a lot of money.

Says Issey: “Previously, essential services like hair salons are not allowed to operate under Phase One of the Tightened Circuit Breaker measures. Nowadays, and with more than 70 percent of the workforce still under work-from-home arrangements, stepping out of the house to visit the hair salon proves to be a challenge, as the extended periods of working from home also makes an individual lazy. Time to step out of the house and get proper shampoo and conditioner.”

  • Concocting home-made remedies for hair and or scalp treatments

Salon-quality hair and or scalp treatments are expensive. But they are essential in maintaining the overall health of an individual’s scalp and hair. From cleansing scalp treatments for oily scalp to rejuvenating treatments for sensitive scalp types, each individual’s scalp is unique, like fingerprint. For dry hair types, check out Colors Hair Singapore’s exclusive range of Milbon products like the Blowout Primer Coarse Hair (SGD 50), a water-based leave-in hair treatment that offers protection from both the weather and styling products. Sensitive scalp types can look to the Soothing Moisturiser (SGD 34) to relieve irritation.

“Throughout my hairstyling career, I’ve encountered customers who shared that in order to save monies on hair and or scalp treatments, they take their concerns to the Google search engine as their alternative hair advisor… And started concocting or purchasing home remedies for hair treatments. Some achieve results but others failed to get what they want. Googling is definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution for your hair and scalp care needs.”

“My advice is, and as always, please make time to visit a salon at least once a month for regular treatments. If oily and itchy scalp is of your concern, you might need to make more regular visits, say, once every two weeks.”

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