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最終更新: 2018年10月28日

Hello. I’m Ura from Colors. We are familiar with medicine (color material) of Japan, Germany, Korea according to customer's request and hair condition. This time we will introduce Japanese brand Milbon.

Milbon is a very famous, well known brand in the beauty industry in Japan. The color materials from Milbon is the most used in Japan as stands out from the rest.

From here, I will explain my personal impressions and opinions.

· The color is clear and vibrant.

The color material of Milbon has less percentage of brown than other manufacturers, and the color taste comes out neatly. Transparency is common in all colors such as ash, mat, pink, violet, beige and so on.

This is especially efficient for Asian hair, as Asian hair is black hair. There is more brown tones in black hair as compared to blonde. Hence, it is easier for Milbon color materials (Ordeve, Addicthy, Crystal) with less brown tones to show transparency, bright and strong color etc It is easy to get out.

· Abundant variety of color materials.

In Milbon, every season there are 2 to 4 new color materials as a trend line. For example, there are 10 kinds of items in our shop just ash. As a colorist, it is pleasant to choose colors that meet your requirements from many color materials and it is fun to be able to suggest according to your mood even in the same color. In addition, new color materials are able to make your hair smooth and glossy, which is popular in this era.

Just counting the color materials from Milbon, we already have more than a hundred kinds in our salon. Yes, we have yet to get to other great brands we have in store too! We have so many different shades to choose from, I'm sure we are able to find a suitable color for your hair and make your hair look gorgeous.

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