Easy DIY Hairstyles For Mid-length Hair

最終更新: 7日前

It’s a length and style that is super, super versatile.

Medium or “mid-length” hair – specifically, hair that falls an inch between the tops of one’s shoulders and somewhere just below the collarbones – is a versatile length that works for most face shapes. From the oval and round to square and diamond shaped-faces, a mid-length hairstyle is the most flattering as it frames the face while also not hiding and or overexposing any features. And it is the reason why most female professionals and Corporate leaders with a preference for longer hairstyles than the typical bob cut that rests, say, several inches above the shoulders, opt to wear their hair at this length. And, as we present you a visual feast, you can wear it up or down, bunded or braided, layered or even to fit a personal style. Think J.J Barnes, Antoinette Braybrook and Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.

Without further ado, Colors Hair Singapore presents four easy hairstyles for medium length hair that are suitable for a variety of occasions.

· Textured Ponytail

For those who prefer to wear their hair up, the textured ponytail is a classy spin-off from the typical ponytail that almost every individual with mid- to long-hair sports. To master the textured ponytail, Colors Singapore Senior Hairstylist Issey Isaiah recommends applying a small amount of Milbon Repair Heat Protective Mist and Hoyu NiNE Oil Serum to create a soft look. Next, and with the help of a medium-barrel curling tong like the Dyson Air Wrap, section your hair into four parts and curl hair inwards to add movement. Next, divide hair with a tail comb and section across the back of your head, starting from the tip of one ear, across the crown and to the other ear. “The last step in this styling process is the simplest and easiest. Gently pull the top section back tightly and secure it with a high ponytail on your crown with an elastic band or fancy clip.”

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· Simple Side Braid

Of all the things most women love about braided hair, the simple side braid – and as the name already suggests – is an easy-to-do hairstyle that insanely transforms a plain-looking Jane into a free-spirited Bohemian chic. “All you need to do is, literally, part your hair on the preferred side, separate out three strands of hair, and then cross the right section over the middle, repeating that same step with the left side. Repeat this sequence and keep braiding along the side of your head until you reach the ends.” Says Issey Isaiah. “Don’t forget to secure hair with an elastic or ribbon of choice!”

Love the texturized feel? Apply a dollop of Milbon Wet Shine Gel Cream 5 (SGD 34) the size of a hazelnut on either palm and rub hands in a circular motion. Gently run hands through hair before braiding to give it a volume.

· The Half-bun

Ah, the half-bun. Perfect for almost any occasion, the half-bun is sleek yet easy-to-do, making it an ideal hairstyle for medium length hair. “With the help of a comb, create a part from the top of the ears back to the middle, dividing hair into two halves. Clip each half separately.”

“Next, twist the top section and wrap it around into a bun. Use a bobby pin or elastic band to secure the bun. You can also gently tug the bun to create a texturized finish.”

· The Side-tuck

It’s a breeze to casually tuck one side behind the ear and enjoy a glass of fine wine or tipple. This simple yet elegant-looking style emphasizes an individual’s face shape and keeps hair out of the way. Says Issey Isaiah: “Before you begin styling, apply a dollop of Milbon Wet Shine Gel Cream 5 on your palms, rub and run your hands through hair. This creates a sleek, stylish look. Now, use either a bobby pin or ‘bling-bling’ clip to secure hair. Spray some hairspray for extra hold.”

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