Spring/Summer Hairstyles To Embrace For 2021

March on with these cool-as-chic hairstyles and colours! 

Ready or not, Spring/Summer is fast approaching. And as we inch closer to the end of the first quarter, we can feel the warmth of the brand-new season. Get ready for Spring/Summer 2021 with a refreshing cut, colour and or perm, featuring a catalogue of vibrant schemes, combinations and colour palette! From Marigold and Rust, Raspberry Sorbet and Green Ash to Cerulean and French Blue, these warm yet funky colour combinations convey the very essence of hope, nature and life.

In addition to colours, and in line with New York Fashion Week 2021, the arrival of Spring/Summer also signifies the re-birth of natural and classic looks. For those looking to decipher which are the trends and colours presented by New York Fashion Week 2021 that will stand the test of time, we caught up with Colourist/Co-Creative Director Urakami Yoshimasa and Senior Stylist Issey Isaiah from Colors Hair Singapore. Ahead, the hair colours, shape and styles you can expect to see once the season officially arrives. Plus, enjoy a month-long discount for cut and digital perm, ranging from SGD 300 to SGD 370.

· Going Au-naturel

Natural shades and styles are in for Spring/Summer 2021, part due to the long quarantines last year, and have heavily dominated the covers of New York Fashion Week. Embrace yourself by happily accepting your own identity and uniqueness. And in-line with the theme for International Women’s Day 2021, #ChooseToChallenge your preconceived ideas of beauty and style by going au-naturel.

Agrees Colourist/Co-Creative Director, Urakami: “Like fashion, we are seeing the switch to timeless hairstyles and colours. Gone are the days for going blonde and bold for summer. Instead, and based on what will be presented at this year’s New York Fashion Week, there is going to be more of a trend towards embracing one’s own natural hair colour and texture. Think along the lines of subtle highlights that enhance your make-up free complexion and styling products that emphasise natural waves and curls.”

· ‘90s Cool Chic

Seems that the effortlessly cool and deceptively easy ‘90s style is making a comeback this Spring-Summer. From blunt cuts and pixies to high braids, feathered bangs and crimped hair, relish the opportunity to cherish the trends of a bygone era.

For those who prefer to play with a pop of bright colours, Spring/Summer 2021 sees the homecoming of thought-provoking colours like French Blue. According to experts at the Pantone Color Institute, this stirring blue hue evokes the feel of a vision of Paris in the springtime. To ensure that hair texture is not damaged after bleaching and colour application, Urakami recommends the Milbon Smooth Treatment, which starts at SGD 150.

· Old School Beach Waves

If there is one word that best describes the “Old School Beach-y Waves” look, timeless is the correct word of choice. To achieve the I-woke-up-near-the-ocean look and feel that suits just about almost every cut and hair types, Issey Isaiah recommends using a flat iron. “But don’t start at the scalp. Instead, start styling your hair several inches down the hair shaft, depending on length. For shorter hairstyles, yes, start a little higher – perhaps three inches from the hair shaft – and twist the hair around the styling tool, leaving an inch out at the end of your strands. And as you curl each piece, alternate the direction you’re twisting. For example, style one strand counter-clockwise towards your face, then style the other strand clockwise away from your face.”

Done styling? We recommend using either Milbon’s Shine Gel Cream or the Moulding Wax to fix in the style so that it will last throughout the day. To achieve a more voluminous look, try Milbon’s Texturizing Mist and boldly flaunt your mane.

· Anti-Trend Cuts and Colours

Just as sustainability is now woven into most brands’ priorities, diversity is now given equal attention in the beauty sphere. This makes beauty and hair trends more inclusive than ever. Says Issey Isaiah, Senior Stylist: “Nobody wants to be boxed into one category, anymore. Spring/Summer 2021 is about embracing the individual and from what I can see looking across the borders and far into New York city, there seems to be a trend of wanting to be who you are going on. People want to look and feel different, so why not?”

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