Style Design Artist

Moro Satsuki

Hair Designer

Matsumoto Kanako

Satsuki Moro (10 years of stylist history / B type from Kanagawa)

Specializes in Short and Bob hairstyles. This is more than just "cutting hair" to her. She also takes into consideration the lifestyle and atmosphere of the customer and customizes a hairstyle just for them. She believes that hair is the best accessory that one can own.
"This way, the customer can not only love the hairstyle but also the fashion. Hairstyles would be customized according to hair quality. If you are unable to find a hairstyle that suits you, please let me know and we can have a consultation to discuss the perfect hairstyle for you and also help you maintain healthy and beautiful hair."


Kanako Matsumoto (16 years of stylist history / A type from Saitama prefecture)

Specializes in creating a natural style that brings out the charm in others and also the style that suits them most. She believes in making sure that everyone one looks and feels their best. That is the key, and the beauty of our hair.
"I think that there is a best hairstyle that suits any face shape and personality. I would be able to suggest an ideal hairstyle taking into consideration your face shape,  habits, lifestyle, daily hair styling methods and hair texture. If you have problems of frizzy hair in the humid weather of Singapore, i can help you manage your hair, making it shiny and smooth after. I hope to help you feel comfortable with your hairstyle and also in Colors. Let's find your ideal hairstyle together."

Satsuki Moro (スタイリスト歴10年 / 神奈川出身 B型)


Kanako Matsumoto (スタイリスト歴16年 / 埼玉県出身 A型)