Director Colorlist

Urakami Yoshimasa

Yoshimasa Urakami (Over 10 years of colorist history / O type from Mie Prefecture)

Specializes in customization of hair colors and highlights. 
"Hair coloring is very important to express who you are. A color that is most ideal for your hair quality, hair style, skin tone and lifestyle would be made just for you. With extensive experience, knowledge and skills, customers who did not like coloring, or customers who want to add a splash of color to their highlighted hair for a blended color, and even customers who are troubled by their grey hair, I would propose the best mix of customized colors for you. Let's search for a favorite color together."


Colorlist Manager 

Fujimoto Anna

Anna Fujimoto (Over 15 years of hair coloring experience / from Kagawa Prefecture)


" I have been a hair colorist in Tokyo for over 15 years. 

We will propose natural colors or highlights and even make use of the potential of coloring existing white hair to accentuate the appearance of our customer's hair. I would love to talk to customers who are into fashion like me, so they are not bored while styling their hair. If you have any inquiries about which hair color suits you the most, please contact us! "

Yoshimasa Urakami(カラーリスト歴10年以上 / 三重県出身 O型)


Anna Fujimoto (カラーリスト歴 15年以上 /

香川県出身 )